Types of Privacy Glass Used for Shower Doors and Windows

Glass Panels Used for Bathrooms

Your time in the shower can be the most luxurious experience in your house. This is possible by making your shower like the elegant and stylish ones in luxury getaways and high-end locations. The best way to create this look is by using glass on your windows and doors.

In Kansas City, you can now have glass panes for your shower’s door and windows without sacrificing your privacy. For durability, there are different strengthened glass options. Here are your options for privacy glass:

Etched Glass

This type of glass is chemically treated using acids like hydrofluoric acid to create surface finishes that diffuse transmitted light, reduce glare, and produce a frosted look. Etched glass comes in varying levels of translucence in selected areas to create a decorative pattern over your entire door or window. The glass is also available in varying shades of gold and other colors to create a luxurious look.

Textured Glass

The popular textured glass options for shower doors and windows are hammered and rain glass. Rain glass has rain-like droplets flowing down one side of your shower door. Hammered glass features permanent indentations on one glass panel side that closely resemble hammered metal.

Patterned Glass

This type of glass offers a decorative look while enhancing your shower’s privacy. Most patterned glass windows and doors have a silk-screen design that provides some unique elements to suit any bathroom style. Depending on the model that you select, the patterns limit visibility into your bathroom without restricting natural light.

Mounting the given privacy glass pieces requires diligence and skill. You cannot afford to leave it to any handyman. Work with a licensed installer to guarantee that the glass does not compromise your privacy.